The Marotti Advantage

What is the advantage?


Brand exposure via race attendees, live TV, radio and streaming to an audience numbering of more than 98 million in the US, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Tremendous B2C potential. IndyCar fans are extremely brand loyal.


Increased total brand awareness and brand health using data analysis, market segmentation and creative video content for social media distribution using proprietary software (built by some of the best minds out of MIT). We will drive customers to your brand while increasing your social media following.

Client / employee bonding

We build tangible experiences and life-long memories using world class hospitality and behind the scenes access to our driver and team. We will help you with CRM through retention and ultimately sales growth.

Increased sales

We actively develop new, profitable B2B relationships with a broad array of companies across many industries. Many U.S. and international companies find IndyCar a productive and profitable space to be in. We make money for our partners!

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